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I got my start in photography back in elementary school. A teacher brought in his
Minolta SR-101 with 2 rolls of black and white film. A friend and I drooled over
this “state of the art” technology. Much to our surprise he handed the camera to us
with instructions to shoot up the roll of film and bring it back. Later that week we
met at his house and developed the film and began processing the prints. When that
invisible image was revealed while in the pan I was hooked on photography.
After completing a brief career in the US Navy and retiring from active duty in
1997 I worked the average jobs for 10 years until I was able to reconnect with my
passion. In 2007 I was hired by a National Portrait Company and began exploring
the world of photographing people. This was against the advice of my mother who
always said “Don’t take your hobby and make a job of it”. Sorry mom, I am ignoring
your advice.